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About Me


Carlos Perez, Ph.D.


After earning my master degree from Harvard in 1999, I began my real estate career with Marcus & Millichap in Irvine, California. I started as an unlicensed assistant to a real estate commercial broker. In 2001, I obtained my real estate salesperson license and worked as a real estate agent with Century 21 in Buena Park, California. That same year, I obtained my teaching credential that authorized me to teach English to adult learners. Ultimately, I taught English as a Second Language (ESL), English composition, and English grammar courses from 2001 until 2016. I taught part-time at local colleges and worked full-time in real estate transactions. In 2005, I obtained my real estate broker license and in 2013 I joined RE/MAX New Dimension in Santa Ana, California as a broker associate. While at RE/MAX New Dimension I earned several awards by learning and implementing the Momentum full-agent development program.


I have been able to achieve my dream of working in two fields I love, which are financial services and teaching courses. During the most recent recession, I decided to return to the university and I earned a Ph.D. in education from Chapman University. My dissertation was related to multilingual families in Southern California, where the three languages spoken in the home are Spanish, English, and a Native American language. I am fluent in English and Spanish and I am glad to service families in these two languages. I often notice the interconnection in the fields of languages, real estate sales, real estate finance, marketing, technology, and education with an emphasis in teaching and learning. We never stop learning and there is always room for improvement, so I am an advocate of learning.


I enjoy helping multi-generational families consider their financial options and weigh the benefits of their needs and wants. In the last several years there have been many challenges and changes to the real estate and mortgage industries, and an exceptional way to confront such market factors is with the Generational Lending approach. The term Generational Lending is a relatively new concept, which fosters new ways for real estate and mortgage brokers to service multiple generations by offering a full suite of loan programs that are intended for both forward and reverse mortgage borrowers. An example, of Generational Lending is: 1.) first-time homebuyers at age mid-twenties to mid-thirties; 2.) buying a bigger home, relocating, or refinancing at age mid-thirties to mid-fifties; 3.) HECM for purchase or reverse mortgage at age sixty-two to late-eighties.



My professional philosophy is to meet home buyers, home sellers, and mortgage borrowers where they are in the real estate spectrum. I have a special focus of servicing seniors in considering the benefits from a reverse mortgage. My work includes informing seniors and their trusted advisors of how reverse mortgages are no longer viewed as a last resort, but rather as a part of planning for retirement. Unfortunately, there have been numerous misconceptions, misinformation, and misinterpretations regarding reverse mortgages, so my function has been as an educator and advisor to answer questions that families have related to reverse mortgages. Now, my role has been to clarify myths, listen to concerns, provide scenarios, and share data. My professional experience and formal education are resources that are beneficial to my clients and are intended to better service families. At C2 Reverse Mortgage, our advantage is our commitment to listen to our clients fact-to-face. While many companies have resorted to communicate with their prospective consumers via telephone, technology, and mail correspondence, we at C2 Reverse Mortgage believe in having in-person conversations with our clients.


I am glad to see that more and more seniors are understanding that reverse mortgages can potentially help them in several areas of their lives, such as : 1.) delay receiving social security benefits: 2.) not paying capital gains taxes by not having to sell investments: 3.) securing emergency savings for unforeseen medical costs; 4.) estate planning; 5.) relocating to desired climate and location; 6.) living closer to grandchildren; 7.) no monthly principal and interest payments; 8.) ability to live in a home that fits one’s lifestyle; 9.) a worry free financial future; 10.) helping grandchildren pay for university costs; 11.) covering long-term care; 12.) selling one’s current home and buying next home without having mortgage payments on the new home. My goal is to help you self-discover which benefits of a reverse mortgage are better for you. It is understandable that a reverse mortgage may not be a proper fit for everyone, but everyone has the right to be aware of this potential option. In other words, a reverse mortgage is currently being viewed as a vehicle to better fund a retirement.


I am truly honored to be able to help multi-generational families with the seniors parents/grandparents being more effective in meeting their goals with programs and services that better meet their needs and wants. Change is part of life and it can be both challenging and frightening, but it can also be exciting to see families transition well throughout their stages of growth and maturity. I want to make it as smooth as possible to transition from one stage to another. I want to share more options with families, not less, in order to consider both traditional and contemporary tools to make well-informed decisions in today’s marketplace. My team and I are here to help you and your family and friends achieve your housing, financing, and retirement goals. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family.